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Gir Cow Desi Ghee Gaonvala

  • Hand made from Gir Cow A2 milk
  • Processed by vedic bilona method
  • 100% Pure, No chemicals, additives & Preservatives
  • Reduces Cholesterol and improves heart health
  • Greatest immunity booster, sharpens eyesight and brain functioning


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Gaonvala Gir Cow Desi Ghee is completely Hand made from Gir Cow A2 milk. We have our own
Gaushalas in Rishikesh and Meerut where our Gir cows are given best fodder like jowar, soyabean and
gram. Moreover, they are left in open for long periods in daytime to keep them stress free and frequently
taken to nearby forests to feed on forest produce. The milching is done only after the calves are fully fed.
Then the milk is curdled then the curd is processed by vedic bilona method to extract noni ghee(fresh
butter). Then that noni ghee is slowly heated to obtain pure A2 clarified butter of Gir Cow. It is nothing
less than elixir because it is 100% Pure and has no chemicals, additives & Preservatives and has life
transforming health benefits.
It is far far superior from the industrially processed ghee which is processed from cream in terms of its
aroma, shelf life, and nutritional value.


It is considered a healthier alternative to regular ghee as the primary ingredient of A2 ghee, A2 cow milk,
does not contain a type of β-casein protein called the A1 protein. This protein is considered detrimental
to the body and has more negative effects on the lactose intolerant. This ghee is also known as the most
nutrition-dense variant for all age groups. 
Great source of Antioxidants, Vitamins, & Minerals
It is one of the strongest natural antioxidants and a rich source of vitamin B2, B3, that helps build up
immunity and lowers serum cholesterol. It is high in Omega 3 and 9 as well.
2. Helps in Digestion
A2 milk ghee can be digested very easily, which is why it is an ideal choice for all age groups. It helps in
proper digestion and prevents constipation. This ghee is known to be having natural detoxifying
properties as it contains butyric acid, which helps in nourishment.
3. It can Boost Immunity
A2 ghee consists of several vital vitamins like Vit A, E, K, and D; all these essential nutrients help in
building immunity. These vitamins also help in the proper functioning of the brain and heart. A2 Ghee is
beneficial for developing bone density as well.
4. Reduces Inflammation
This ghee is rich in conjugated linoleic acid, which has anti-inflammatory properties.
5. It can Help Treat Dry and Burnt Skin
A2 ghee, when applied on dry or even burnt skin, renders a soothing effect and can cure different skin
6. It has a Higher Smoke Point
This implies that A2 ghee does not release any toxic fumes when cooked at a high temperature.
Whereas ordinary oils generate toxic fumes when heated at a high temperature. 
It is a boon for infants and children

1. Baby Massage: The natural moisturizing qualities of Pure desi cow ghee helps keeping the skin of
your baby healthy, soft and smooth. Massage done with pure desi ghee is best for babies physical
health. It helps to strengthen the bones and muscle development.
2. Moisturizer: Desi ghee works very well for dry skin in winter which is often seen in small babies.
This dry skin can cause skin irritation and skin rashes to baby and they become uncomfortable.
Ghee works as a natural moisturizer for smoothing the skin of baby
3. Rich in Vitamins: Pure desi ghee is rich source of Vitamin A, D, E & K. These vitamins are good
for babies eyes, skin, health and immunity. Gir Organic A2 ghee has all the qualities required for
better child growth.
4. Good for Lactose intolerant baby: GirOrganic A2 ghee is 100% Pure and without impurities, it is
better option for baby than other dairy products. It also has A2 beta casein protein that helps baby
to increase its immune system.
5. Strong Bones: Vitamin K in Pure cow Ghee helps in producing calcium in the body which is
responsible for strengthening the bones.
6. Digestion:Ghee & saturated fatty acids are condensed fats and can be easily absorbed by the
baby's body, so there are no digestion related to problems in baby.
7. Provides energy: A growing baby needs a lot of calories for his quest to discover the universe to
start. To always be on the move, pure desi ghee can be the best friend of your baby when it
comes to energy supply. We can also call A2 ghee as super power food.
8. Weight Gain:Most mothers worry about the underweight of their baby. Even though every child is
different, ghee is the solution if you & looking for something to help your child get some weight.
It & a healthy way to get saturated fats that can help the baby gain weight.
9. Cough and cold Treatment: Because of temperature and seasonal variations, young babies
continue to get many episodes of cough and cold. Massage your child with ghee that has been
warmed with a few garlic cloves instead of reaching out to medicines. This will give your baby
relief from cough and cold. You can use Organic ghee as a & quotnosal drop &  quot;. You should warm it very
lightly and add two drops into your babies nose when cold and cough is very high. This is very
effective. You can also use A2 cow ghee into belly button too. It will go to each and every vein of
babies body.

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India's traditional rural superfoods of all regions, Ayurveda's most acclaimed herbs & spices and nature's miraculous plant extracts are being reincarnated in their purest form.

We aim to revive India's age-old traditions of farming and basic food processing methodologies that used to retain full nutritional value in our traditional superfoods like desi ghee, edible oils, spices etc.

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