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+91-9318364285 (Sales) sales@gaonvala.com

Mission and Vision

At Gaonvala, India’s traditional rural superfoods of all regions, Ayurveda’s most acclaimed herbs & spices and nature’s  miraculous plant extracts are being reincarnated in their purest form.

Our Mission...

We aim to revive India’s age-old traditions of farming and basic food processing methodologies that used to retain full nutritional value in our traditional superfoods like desi ghee, edible oils, spices etc.

We have been rigorously spreading awareness about the high levels of nutritional value and purity which was a integral feature of our rural life before the industrial revolution.

One of the most prominent concerns of  21st century are the frequent pandemics like bird flu, swine flu and now Covid-19 which have time and again made us realize the indispensability of a strong immunity.

Accordingly, we are enlightening our younger generations about the invaluable prescriptions of Ayurveda and ancient folk wisdom about our immunity, stamina and wholesome nutrition.

Most significantly

We aim to establish a nationwide ecosystem & culture of food purity in which the producers and processors together with the consumers feel the urge to re-establish our age-old traditions of unadulterated essential foods.

Our interaction with farmers and micro food processors all over India so often underlined the fact that they, for generations, adhered to their traditions of absolute unadulteration and traditional practices but in the last few decades they have been lured or even goaded by big traders to bring down their selling price and on account of this slashing of their selling price they had to resort to inferior hybrid varieties and adulteration during processing stage.

Therefore, we have been incentivising traditional processors across our rural hinterlands with a good premium for maintaining absolute ingredient purity and nutritional richness by the use old-age methods.

We invite all, be it producers or consumers, to join us and support us in this not only life transforming but culture transforming mission.


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